Choose Papua New Guinea for authenticity

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Ever since P&O cruises started cruising to Papua New Guinea as a tourist destination, the popularity of Papua New Guinea for holiday makers has increased.

Prior to the cruises, Papua New Guinea was more in demand for the elaborate cultural festivals and the very challenging and adventurous Kokoda trail. But the attraction is no longer confined to these two as even honeymooners are now ticking Papua New Guinea as a serious consideration in their list of destinations.

So what has changed?

The most obvious of all is the inclusion of Papua New Guinea as a tourist destination by P & O Cruise.  With their large audience being filled with information on where Papua New Guinea is, the interesting attractions and the beauty of the place, their audience is becoming much more well informed.  The reliability of the information is crucial and when coupled with attention grabbing images like the one below, you know it’s unique and as Julietta Jamesone writes in her article titled “How we’ll be travelling: 15 hottest tourism trends for 2015” it’s authentice.

Picture: Colin Tambari

P & O Cruises is more direct and succinct in its description of Papua New Guinea:

Mysterious tribal rituals, pristine white sandy beaches, World War II history, and lush flora and unique fauna – you must be in Papua New Guinea. Here clear waters teem with tropical fish, idyllic beaches beckon, delicious local fruits abound … and that’s just a taste of the place!

Does Papua New Guinea sound like a place you’re willing to give some thought? Of course you do, click here