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Australian Passport Holders Can Enter 183 Countries Visa Free – But Japan Tops It

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Australia has just scraped into the top ten list of nations where passports enable visa-free travel, according to a report released by Henley and Partners Passport Index 2020.  That is, an Australian passport holder can enter 183 countries of the 195 nations in the world.


The Daily Mail reports that Australians travelling to the United States or Canada will still need an electronic travel authorization.


Visas on arrival, however, are required in Laos, Cambodia and Brunei for those travelling to Asia, and for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for visitors to the Middle East.


Even Australia’s near northern neighbor Papua New Guinea, a major recipient of foreign aid, requires visas.


Japan topped the table in the third year in a row – with its passport unlocking visa-free access to 191 nations. Singapore a close second with 190.


This puts it ahead of South Korea and Germany which were both in third place, with access to 189 nations each.


Italy and Finland are equal fourth with their passports enabling easy travel to 188 nations each.


At 5th is Spain, Luxembourg and Denmark with access to 187 nations.


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Sweden and France were sixth with their passports getting their citizens into 186 countries.


Switzerland, Portugal, the Netherlands and Austria were next in seventh place – with access into 185 borders.


The United States, Norway and Greece came in at No. 8 with access to 184 nations, putting them ahead of Australia.


Rounding out the top ten list were Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary, with passports from these nations unlocking access past airport security in 181 countries.


Papua New Guinea is placed at number 62 and we will publish a separate article on this shortly.