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An Experience on QF58

The QF58 ExperienceI’m a proud Papua New Guinean so Air Niugini is always my preferred airline when travelling out of the country.  I do a lot of travel within a month mainly internationally, so

The QF58 Experience

I’m a proud Papua New Guinean so Air Niugini is always my preferred airline when travelling out of the country.  I do a lot of travel within a month mainly internationally, so I usually have three airlines to choose from based on my intended destination: Air Niugini, Virgin Australia and Qantas.

There was an article I read on Skerah about Qantas being the top airline according to airline rankings and that played a bit on my mind when it came to book my next flight.  And that article got the better of me because I eventually decided I’d give Qantas a try.  I say “give it a try” because it’s been almost a decade since I last booked a flight on Qantas so you can imagine the level of my contribution to the national career’s bottom line! 😊

So, here’s how things panned out from booking online to arrival at the intended destination on Qantas.


Booking your Qantas flight tickets online is a breeze.  It took me a lot less time than I initially expected and if you know your name your date of birth, where and when your heading off, you should complete the booking process in a few minutes. The e-ticket lands in your inbox within seconds.

But join the frequent flyer program and most definitely download their app.

You can almost do anything in the Qantas app: Bookings, your flight details, and you can even check-in 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight.  It’s all paperless and you can also show them the paperless boarding pass on your phone to board the flight.

The only issue I came up with in terms checking-in online was that there weren’t any designated drop bags area so I had to check-in physically again and drop my luggage. I’m sure this was a one-off occasion and they should have a regular drop bag area – it is “un-Qantas” like.

Luckily, there weren’t many passengers checking-in at the time, so it didn’t bother me so much in the end.

But if you don’t have any bags to drop off, it becomes a much quicker process and you can head straight to Customs.



I boarded the Qantas Boeing 737-800 aircraft and my initial reaction was – modern comfortable interior – it was going to be a good flight.  The layout of the seats is a 3-3 and while the entire interior looks comfortable and inviting, the seating space is less spacious than I previously envisaged.  Despite the space issue (economy class) the seats were clean.

Most of the passengers seem to be Australian citizens with the majority being business executives on their usually FIFO routine flights.

The flight was a comfortable one and the flight attendants attentive and helpful throughout. They were conversational too which is often quite rare to see in other airlines and if I were to give them a rating for customer service between 1 to 5 (5 being the highest rating) I’d happily give a 5 for sure.

Inflight entertainment is pretty much the same but one thing that stood out for Qantas is that you can message passengers on other seats too.  It’s just an added feature on their inflight entertainment experience but certainly taking the inflight experience to the next level, particularly, for one of their “lower” range aircrafts.



The food wasn’t bad either.  For the food, you get to choose between two meals and Qantas has a wide selection of beverages.  Air Niugni tends to offer a lot more on food including a dessert.  On Qantas, in additional to the meal, you get a snack followed by chocolates.


The airfares aren’t too costly, but it pays to check the fares throughout the week as costs differ depending on the day you wish to fly.  It’s cheaper to fly on Mondays but the fare rises the day after and throughout the week.  It does seem that demand for flights from are expensive on Saturdays and Sundays due to workers scheduling their flights to travel out on weekends after a week of business in the city.  The fares at the time of flying were K690 on Monday and rises on the days after.  The most expensive being K1000 on Saturday and Sunday.


In conclusion, I’d recommended the Qantas flight.  The service is excellent and while the food is limited (but definitely tasty), you don’t die of hunger during the flight!

I’d travel again on Qantas!


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