A ride to Hula in the Central Province

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Imagine taking a trip to a village in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea and exploring a village on your pushbike with your favorite music blasting out of a stereo system attached to your pushbike?

Sounds like fun but just when have you ever seen a pushbike with a stereo installed on it?  Of all places, you’d think Hula in the Central Province would be the last village you’d hear something like this was created.  Well, going through the newsfeed on Facebook this image popped up.

Kenneth Maraga Humeu This is Kila from Hula Ralemana.. He is very very creative.. He installed a powerful stereo system on his bicycle and the sound is great.. Took this photo at Hula Village 3 minutes ago.. This is creativity at its best.. 10/10 to such creativity.
It looks pretty cool and no doubt the bike would get a lot of attention.

Some of you tech guys might not be that surprised but seriously this is something that we’ve never come across.  In this day and age of smartphones and headphones, you wouldn’t think someone would think of installing speakers on a pushbike.

The image is believed to be taken in Hula.

Now, if you have never been to this part of Central Province you should make a trip there.

It is a stunning place!

Why the tourism industry does not pay much attention to places like this we have no idea but Hula is one of the most beautiful places in the Central Province!

The last time we were there, we had our camera with us and we basically went on a “snapping” spree snapping here and there and everywhere.

Hula is a laid back village but that’s not to say they’re lazy because they’re not.  The villagers are subsistence farmers and fishermen. You cannot separate Hula men from fishing because they are very skillful.

Early mornings, the fishermen return with their catches and the local market there is littered with fish in many different colours and sizes.

Aside from fishing and other water sports, the men from Hula are great cricketers. They’ve been contributing their fair share to the national team.  Cricket is also a way of uniting the villagers and recently, the village organised a major fundraising drive to promote cricket as well as education.  You can find more details of that here and please do make a kind donation.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of Hula through our lenses.