2019 Arrivals – Top 10 Countries

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The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority has released the 2019 Arrivals figures and the results may come as a surprise for some.  The total number of arrivals as recorded for 2019 is 210,980 an 8% increase from the year before which was 194,876.  Considering that 2018 was the year of APEC, this does come as a surprise to many.  But let’s not forget that Papua New Guinea isn’t Port Moresby and Port Moresby isn’t Papua New Guinea so there is obviously much more visitors arriving to explore other areas around the country outside of the nation’s capital.


It’s also worth noting that the 2019 figure is a record high at least in the last 5 years given the arrivals number has never reached the 200,000 mark. Congratulations!


Australia unsurprisingly heads the list with an arrival figure of 103,440 – a decrease of 2% from the year before (105,264).


At a distant second and probably unsurprising to many of us is Philippines at 19,075 arrivals up by 37% from the year before which was recorded at 13,943.


China had a 16% boost this compared to last year with a 2019 arrival figure of 14,755.  In 2018, the number of Chinese arrivals was at 12,732.


In fourth place and perhaps surprisingly was USA with 9,738 – a 3% increase from the previous year (9,428).


Completing the top 5 is New Zealand with an arrival figure of 9,191.  The previous year, New Zealand arrivals was recorded at 9,120 a minute 1% increase this year.


Oceania which comprises of all the Pacific Islands made it to number 6 with a figure of 7,175.  This was an increase of 18% from the previous year which was 6,068 so there is a promising growth there.


Malaysia was shy from the sixth place position coming in at 7th with 6,878 arrivals with a 19% increase from the previous year (5,776).


And the remaining three positions to make up the top 10 in the following order: India, United Kingdom and lastly Japan.


India had an arrival figure of 6,374 a staggering 70% increase from last year (3,743).


The United Kingdom wasn’t too far behind India on 9th place with 6,069 – a 38% increase from 2018 (4,368).


And finally to finish of the pack was Japan at 3,924 a 2% decrease from last year (3,994).


Strangely enough, the first and last country on this list, namely, Australia and Japan both had a 2% decrease in arrivals in comparison to last year while those in between notched up increases.