100+ Things To See and Do in PNG

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Once the global situation improves, there is no doubt many will be wanting to explore the world, you know get away from all this self-isloation at home. Papua New Guinea remains an unknown in the tourism market but with Australia often looking at its close neighbor for business, perhaps we could turn the business into leisure too. PNG has so much to offer and we’ve done a “brainstorm” to list 100+ things to see and do in the land of the unexpected. If you can think of something else not in this list, by all means mention it in the “Comments” section below.

  1. Scuba Diving – Kimbe Bay
  2. Much Diving – Milne Bay
  3. Fiord at Tufi
  4. Trekking – Kokoda
  5. Surfing at Taurama Point
  6. Surfing of Nusa Island Retreat
  7. Fishing around Madang
  8. Fishing around New Ireland
  9. Barramundi fishing on Bensbach River
  10. Papuan Black fishing near Kandrian, West New Britain
  11. Trekking – Lark Force Wilderness Track
  12. Spot Tail Bass fishing near Kandrian, West New Britain
  13. Birdwatching at Ambua Lodge near Tari
  14. Birdwatching in Western Province
  15. Snorkel at Cape Nelson
  16. Trekking – Mt. Wilhelm
  17. Day trip snorkelling at Bootless Bay
  18. Snorkel at Walindi
  19. Attend National Mask Festival & Warwagira, East New Britain
  20. Attend Sepik River Crocodile & Arts Festival, East Sepik
  21. Snorkel at Submarine Base at Tavui Point
  22. Attend Mt Hagen Show, Western Highlands
  23. Attend Enga Cultural Show, Enga
  24. Surfing in Vanimo
  25. Attend Goroka Show, Eastern Highlands
  26. Attend Hiri Moale Festival, Port Moresby, NCD
  27. Attend Frangipani Festival, East New Britain
  28. Attend Madang Festival, Madang
  29. Attend Malagan Festival, New Ireland
  30. Attend Karkar Island Bilum Festival, Madang
  31. Attend Morobe Show, Lae, Morobe
  32. Attend National Kenu & Kundu Festival, Milne Bay
  33. Visit Port Moresby National Museum
  34. Port Moresby Craft Markets 
  35. Weekend Retreat at Loloata Island Resort
  36. Weekend Retreat Nusa Island Retreat
  37. A day at Nature Park
  38. A day at Adventure Park
  39. Swim in the Duke of York Island
  40. Escape to Tsoi Island
  41. Weekend Splash at Crystal Rapids
  42. Visit the Parliament House
  43. Weekend Escape to March Girls
  44. See the Sunset at Sunset Resort
  45. Swimming at Iduha
  46. Visit Mount Tavurvur
  47. Escape the Conflict to Conflicts Island
  48. Visit Paradise Doini Island
  49. Explore Lake Kutubu
  50. Pay Your Respects at the Lae War Cemetery
  51. Remember the Heroes at Bomana War Cemetery
  52. Visit Kokopo War Museum
  53. Snorkelling at Panasesa Island
  54. Visit Rabaul War Cemetery
  55. Trekking Black Cat Track
  56. Wonder around Lae Botanic Gardens
  57. Visit the Rainforest Habitat
  58. Visit Admiral Yamamoto’s bunkers
  59. See the Baining Fire Dance
  60. Kayak around Kalibobo Village
  61. Visit the Kokopo Market
  62. Meet the Asaro Mudmen
  63. Visit the Turtle Nursery on Conflicts Island
  64. Bike the Boluminski Highway
  65. Explore Variarata National Park
  66. Boat Cruise on Fairfax Harbour
  67. Visit the Turnbull War Memorial Park
  68. Diving in Tawali
  69. See the Sunsets at the Yachtie
  70. Escape to Kiriwina Island
  71. Checkout the Skull Cave at Doini
  72. Explore the Ora River, Nakanai Plateau
  73. Relaxing on the waters at Nagada
  74. A trip to Konebada Resort
  75. On the beach at Liamo
  76. A weekend at Lissenung Island
  77. Diving just out of Rapopo
  78. Exploring Nature at Nuli Sapi
  79. B-17F Black Jack Wreck outside Boga Boga Village
  80. The Zero Wreck at Kimbe Bay
  81. The Catalina Wreck in New Ireland
  82. Village visit in Tufi
  83. Sepik River Cruise
  84. Adventure into the Karawari River
  85. See the Bird of Paradise in Tari
  86. Visit the Muschu Island
  87. Visit Tonda Wildlife Management Area
  88. Visit Wawoi Falls
  89. The Rivers of the Papuan Gulf
  90. Roadside Market in the Central Province
  91. Sogeri Plateau
  92. Beaches in Hula, Central Province
  93. Visit the Trout and Rabbit Farm at the base of Mt Wilhelm
  94. Discover rock paintings close to Chuave
  95. Visit Archaeological Sites at Kuk Valley
  96. Visit Coffee Plantations in the Eastern Highlands
  97. Tour Skeleton Caves and Mountain trails in Southern Highlands
  98. Visit Wasi Falls at the Wildlife Management Area
  99. Visit Mendi Market for baskets
  100. Basket Buying in Bougainville – Buin Baskets
  101. Dance to the spectacular beats of the Manus garamut

The list is just a brainstorm to get you to start thinking of your next trip. We welcome readers to comment below on other things to see and do in PNG.

For enquiries or more information on some of the activities listed above, visit PNG Tourism Promotion Authority.