10 Amazing Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Walindi

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They say a picture tells a thousand words and that my dear friends is very true indeed.  When it comes to travel, you know a good place when you see the pic.  But for a place like Walindi, the picture doesn’t tell enough, unfortunately.  You have to be here to have a feel of it, you have to be here to experience it. You just have to be here.

But for the time being, the best we can do is to show you some of the pics that will certainly get you to think just how the experience will be for a place like Walindi in Kimbe.

These instagram pics below show the amazing place Kimbe is. It gives you a hint on just what may await you. We say may because anything can happen. After all, Walindi is an adventure.

Weekend d’anniversaire, sous le soleil papou #walindi #png

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Meanwhile in Kimbe… Walindi Resort & M.V. FeBrina Kimbe Bay on the north coast of Papua New Guinea's New Britain is flanked on three sides by rainforest smothered volcanoes. It's an idyllic setting with azure waters and a patchwork of coral reefs and seagrass beds lined by thickets of mangroves. In 1996 a type of reserve known as a Locally Managed Marine Area was established by communities beside the bay. Villages sustainably manage their own marine resources and some areas are regulated, which in Kimbe means that fishing is forbidden on some reefs close to shore. To demonstrate the community link to the reef, I asked a pair of local divers if I could photograph them catching fish, and spent an afternoon watching as they used hand-crafted spears on the shallow reef. Treading lightly across the sharp coral on the hunt, it was clear the two locals were at home in this environment. In contrast, I flailed behind them attempting to capture their grace beneath the surface as buoyant clouds sailed high overhead. #walindi #walindiresort @walindiresort #kimbe #kimbebay #png #papuanewguinea #locallymanagedmarineareas #ocean #uwphotography #nikon #mynikonlife @ilcp_photographers #1frame4nature #1f4n 📷: @justingilligan

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