When motorists have no common sense

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It’s only the first month of the year and there are already signs that stupidity on the road will continue.  Case in point – this morning along Poreporena Freeway a Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) going down towards Hohola, decided to change direction and head back up the Freeway.  Instead of going all the way down to the roundabout and making the turn, it took an immediate u-turn along the way and in doing so crashed onto a concrete flower walls and found itself stuck on the bunker and blocking the traffic.

It held up the traffic going up and down as police tried to assist in clearing the vehicle.

Sometimes you just ask yourself “what was the driver thinking?”.

Whatever the case, the PMV shouldn’t have been driving along the freeway anyway. It’s not a designated route.

Papua New Guinea has a serious problem with motorists paying little attention to road rules.  One wonders how these drivers get their license.

It’s time the traffic authorities start clamping down on the issuance of licences as well as monitoring the roads and charging those who break the rules.  They might like to minimize this “safety sticker” checking and look out for the more serious infringements.

Here are the pics taken this morning.