Toyota – The Preferred Brand For POM Thieves

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In Port Moresby, it’s very difficult to get any data about motor vehicle crime. This makes it even more difficult to know where the problems are, the possible causes and what possible measures that could be developed and implemented to address these issues.

Having said that, it is a ‘pleasant’ surprise to get some data from businesses who are involved in the industry.  The data obviously isn’t 100% accurate but it’s good to have some idea on some of the key areas regarding motor vehicle crime.

Samuel Tam, Director of TrackR, has released some important data on the most likely types of vehicles stolen during the month of June and the locations where most of the car thefts occur.

As mentioned in the title of this article, Toyota is on top of the ‘victim’ list of cars being stolen with the Harrier, Camry and Rav4 topping the list.

On the other information released for suburbs, Gordons and Gerehu top the list where most of the car robberies have taken place.

Mr Tam says in a LinkedIn response to a comment that the data is for car robberies and not car jackings.

Take a look at the data in the tables as provided by Mr Tam: