NCDC Taking Over Bus Service The Way to Go

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Isn’t it wonderful news that something positive is being done about the irratic Port Moresby transport system.  The recent announcement by the APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko that NCDC will soon receive 30 buses used during APEC is welcome news particularly those that have had endure the hardship of commuting to work or anywhere on PMV’s.

Owners of PMV have done a good job in at least providing transport to the public but there have been just too many issues in terms of reliability, security and fares and the change was imminent.  Going forward, it was hard to see PMV’s continuing their service for much longer.

The APEC Minister expects to hand over the buses by the end of the year and added that the buses come with spare parts, trained drivers and trained mechanics to fix these kind of vehicles.

One of the key hurdles in NCDC taking over the city transport system is that the Transport Department is responsible and PMV buses have been under the control of that department and not NCDC.  But according to Governor Powes Parkop, moves are on foot to come to an agreement with the Department so that the responsibility is transferred to NCDC.  That move is a good one too because based on current performance of the NCDC under the leadership of Parkop, things are moving, Port Moresby is changing and we’re clearly seeing more modern developments than ever before.

Obviously, the city still has its safety and security issues but one of the most positive aspects of the current authority’s approach is not to take a backward stand and allow the bad to continue but for good people to get out there and enjoy the facilities being provided.  The more good people get out there, the more control the good people have on how public facilities should be enjoyed and how one should respect and appreciate each other’s presence.

A clear example of the change is at Era Kone.  The developments, previously criticised, are starting to inject a positive vibe into those who are getting out there and enjoying it. And the spectacular “Carols by the sea” an initiative of Powes Parkop saw just how the community can come together and have a great night out.

The improvement of the transport system will only enhance the community spirit and if the same approach is taken by the public similar to that of Era Kone, City residents should expect to see a significant change in mindset on using this exciting new public transport system.

The general tendency among the commuting public is that they would be happy to pay extra if the service was both reliable and safe.  Those have been the two main concerns under PMV which Parkop intends to address.  Now that he has (or soon to be) 30 big buses in the depot, residents should expect him to deliver another initiative to change the face of Port Moresby.