First Major Accident On The New Freeway

  • Poreporena Freeway has been undergoing a resealing of the road thanks to China Aid.  The road is coming on nicely and until today there has never been any major accident along it.  But this morning, the vehicles for two security companies collided and the images you will see below show that the accident is no minor one.

    It is not known whether anyone was injured but from the images it looks like the driver of The Corps vehicle could have been badly injured.

    The stretch along this road, which is just above the Harbour City shopping complex is notorious for some of the biggest motor vehicle accidents.  Most of these accidents are a result of drink driving and speed and the current incident looks to be speed.

    What’s interesting to note is that given the constructions currently underway, traffic goes at a snails pace.  So it’s rather bizarre to see that the damages inflicted on both vehicles, particularly The Corps ute, seems to indicate a high speed collision given the impact on the damage.

    We hope there’s no loss of lives and those injured recover quickly.

    Most importantly, please drive safely.






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