Be Careful Around Hohola

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Some of you who have had the chance to drive down the Poreporena Freeaway towards the Hohola Roundabout and tunnel area would have realized that the rain has caused a lot of flooding.  This has caused a traffic jam particular those coming down from Poreporena Freeway heading to Waigani.

This situation has caused opportunists, most likely residing in the nearby settlements area, to come out and harass those in vehicles trying to get their way past the flooding area.

A couple of incidents happened yesterday where these opportunists innocently walking alongside the road suddenly jumped onto the road and tried to open vehicles.

The road there is still flooded so if you are driving along that road or any other road where there is flood, lock your doors.

Motorists on nearby vehicles witnessing any of these  incidents are unlikely to get out fearing that other bystanders might attack them.  The situation is indeed scary and travelling by night high risk.

Ironically, a Police Station is around the corner but as you know, the public even fears the police so it is a matter of taking care of yourself and avoiding these danger zones.

Take care…