What the soccer girls really thought of Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea was an unlikely country to host a world cup event like the current FIFA Under 20 Womens World Cup.

There were a lot of questions as to whether PNG would pull off one of the biggest events the country has hosted to date.

And as the event draws to a close this weekend, those teams who have not made it to the last week have returned back to their home countries and before they’ve left, they left a parting message on their experience in the country they had too Google up to find out exactly where it was on the map.

As you can see from the Instagram posts below, Papua New Guinea should hold their head high for the hospitality they have shown to these young girls.  Obviously, Port Moresby has its fair share of problems and many of these girls have come from cities that are much more  developed and more cleaner than our city.  But what is interesting about the comments made by the girls that have left is about the people of this country.

From the time they set foot at Jacksons Airport to the time they departed, Papua New Guinea’s warm smile has left a trademark in the hearts of these visitors.  Some of them don’t receive the same smiling faces in their country but as one player put it – it’s the humility of the people that made this country stand out.

Papua New Guineans are a friendly bunch of people. Sure it doesn’t receive the positive news in the media but unless you come to the country yourself and be amongst the people, you will never know the real hearts of Papua New Guineans.

Let’s not forget that these are young girls here, they’re vocal on social media, they have the ability to spread the good word in their country about the land of the unexpected.

To everyone involved from the school kids to the officials, thank you for putting Papua New Guinea on the map for the right reasons.

Goodbye Papua new Guinea 👋 think I will actually miss you #lol

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Unity in diversity. 🇵🇬

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no place I’d rather be // no hay lugar que prefiera estar⚽️🇵🇬

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This little guy… Completely made my day ❤️

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“There is only one word that defines these people beautiful and beautiful is their HUMILITY so much love Thank you for everything”

“Papua New Guinea ended with those flames! I will miss you very much, thank you for everything beautiful, see you in Venezuela!”