Everything you need to know about ICC T20 World Cup 2020

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The schedule for the men’s T20 World Cup to be held in Australia next year, 2020. Ireland, Namibia, Netherlands, Oman, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Scotland have been successful in qualifying for this World Cup 2020 after performing effectively in the World Qualifying Tournament.

The teams from PNG, Ireland, and Oman will be with Sri Lanka in the first round Group-A and the four teams will compete from October 18-22 at Kardinia Park in Geelong. On the other hand, the Netherlands, Namibia and Scotland teams will be in Group-B with Bangladesh and their matches will be played at the Bellerive Oval in Hobart from 19 to 23 October.

“We are very happy to welcome the Netherlands, Oman, Papua New Guinea, and Scotland to Australia for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2020,” said Nick Hawley, CEO of the ICC T20 World Cup 2020, in an official statement. Has been We know that all 16 teams will be very warmly welcomed and will receive the full support of supporters living in Australia and people from all over the world.

This will be the first major global level tournament for PNG. They are runners-up in the qualifying tournament. The team missed out on a slight margin from qualifying for the 2014 and 2016 World Cups. After the conclusion of the first round matches in Geelong and Hobart, the top Group A and the second-placed Group B teams will join the teams of Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, and West Indies in Group-1 of the Super-12 stage.

Host Australia will play their first match against Pakistan in Sydney on 24 October. The opening match of the tournament will be played between Sri Lanka and Ireland at the Kardinia Park Stadium. Teams from IndiaEngland, South Africa, and Afghanistan are going to be in Group-2 of the Super-12 stage. All these teams will take on the top team of Group B and the second-place team in Group A. The Indian team’s campaign will begin on October 24 and they will play their first match against South Africa in Perth.

Both the men’s and women’s World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020. The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup will be held first, which will be played from 21 February to 8 March. The final of the Women’s T20 World Cup will be played on International Women’s Day. Defending champions Australia will face India in their opening match on 21 February. Both the women’s and men’s finals will be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The full schedule for ICC T20 World Cup 2020


Date, match, location

18 October 2020 Sri Lanka vs Ireland, Geelong

October 18, 2020 PNG vs Oman, Geelong

19 October 2020 Bangladesh v Namibia, Hobart

19 October 2020 Netherlands v Scotland, Hobart

20 October 2020 Ireland v Oman, Geelong

20 October, Sri Lanka vs PNG, Geelong

October 21, 2020, Namibia v Scotland, Hobart

October 21, 2020, Bangladesh v Netherlands, Hobart

22 October 2020 PNG v Ireland, Geelong

22 October 2020 Sri Lanka vs Oman, Geelong

October 23, 2020, Netherlands v Namibia, Hobart

23 October 2020 Bangladesh v Scotland, Hobart

24 October 2020 Australia v Pakistan, Sydney

24 October 2020 India v South Africa, Perth

October 25, 2020 A-1 vs B-2, Hobart

25 October 2020 New Zealand vs West Indies, Melbourne

26 October 2020 Afghanistan v A-2, Perth

26 October 2020 England v B-1, Perth

27 October 2020 New Zealand vs B-2, Hobart

28 October 2020 Afghanistan v B-1, Perth

28 October 2020 Australia vs West Indies, Perth

October 29, 2020, Pakistan v A-1, Sydney

October 29, 2020, India vs A-2, Melbourne

30 October 2020 England v South Africa, Sydney

30 October 2020 West Indies v B-2, Perth

31 October 2020 Pakistan v New Zealand, Brisbane

31 October 2020 Australia v A-1, Brisbane

01 November 2020 South Africa v Afghanistan, Adelaide

November 01, 2020, India vs England, Melbourne

02 November 2020 A-2 vs B-1, Sydney

02 November 2020 New Zealand vs A-1, Brisbane

03 November 2020 Pakistan v West Indies, Adelaide

03 November 2020 Australia v B-2, Adelaide

04 November, England v Afghanistan, Brisbane

05 November 2020 South Africa v A-2, Adelaide

05 November 2020 India vs B-1, Adelaide

06 November 2020 Pakistan v B-2, Melbourne

06 November 2020 Australia vs New Zealand, Melbourne

07 November 2020 England vs A-2, Adelaide

07 November, West Indies v A-1, Melbourne

08 November 2020 South Africa v B-1, Sydney

08 November 2020 India vs Afghanistan, Sydney

11 November 2020 First Semifinal, Sydney

November 12, 2020, Second Semifinal, Adelaide

November 15, 2020, final, Melbourne

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