PNG Swim Team 50 Years Ago

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(Above pic Tiko Mae left and Max Mowen right)

On 12 January 1971, which is 50 years from today, a train on squad of 21 swimmers were named in preparation of the 4th South Pacific Games in Tahiti.  As you will see below, one surname continues to pop-up till today.

The men’s squad is:

Nigel Cluer
Neal Bostock
Charles Martin
Rory Mowen
Sean Mowen
Douglas Cluer
Sam Kemo
Stephen Riedel
Kevin Pini
Robert van Haaren
Rodney Leahy
Herman Lucas
John Dyer
Phillip Conboy
Donald Martin.

The women’s squad is:
Tiko Mae
Helen Byrnes
Anne Pini
Fiona Mooney
Julie Antonieff
Jane Hopper

Kevin Pini, a surname now synonymous with swimming, was only 11 years old when selected in the team.

On 16 June that same year, the final team was cut down and these are the swimmers that were named for the Games in Tahiti.


Nigel Cluer
Charlie Martin
Max Mowen
Stephen Riedel
John Dyer
Rorv Mowen


Tiko Mae
Helen Byrnes
Anne Pmi
Julie Antonieff
Avelyn Koppel