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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Hausples Show

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Looking to climb the property ladder?  This upcoming event, Show, presents an ideal opportunity to get the start you need.  And here are 10 reasons why you need to mark this date on your calendar and attend the event.

    1. Get an overview of the industry – For many of us that starting out in the industry or thinking about starting out, the Show presents a perfect opportunity to get an overview of the industry itself. Real Estate can involve large and complex issues and this show is expected to break down the complexities to the most basic so people who have little to no knowledge can get a basic idea and a start.
    2. In-depth View – If you aren’t new to real estate, the Show is an ideal opportunity for those a little ahead in the game to get a more in-depth view on particular issues of concern. For example, if you are concerned about refinancing your current mortgage, it could be an ideal opportunity to see someone at, say BSP, to discuss your refinancing needs and the options the Bank may have for you.
    3. View Current Property Listings both sale and rental – Hunting for properties to rent or buy? You’ll be in the right place to get almost everything that’s currently on the market. Show will have listings from all major real estate companies making it simple and easy for you to find the properties that suit your preference. There’s no more spending endless phone credits calling real estate companies to get their listings.  It cuts down a lot of time and not to mention erases the obvious frustrations.
    4. Almost every financial products will be available to you – Hunting for a financier to help you finance your purchase is a daunting task. Many real estate investors will tell you that it’s best to shop around for the right type of financial product.  Imagine the financing information and options all under one roof. It makes it so much easier to get the information you need in no time and you spend more time analyzing them based on your circumstances.
    5. Learn from those who have done it before – Real Estate involves risk. Do it the wrong way or make the wrong decision and you can pay dearly. It helps a lot to talk to those who know what they’re doing and get an insight directly from them about their experiences.  There will be seminars at the Show and these opportunities don’t come by easily so take it while it’s there.
    6. Acquire knowledge – Real Estate is about acquiring knowledge and continuing to educate yourself throughout the journey. There’s going to be tonnes and tonnes of information available to help you gain the knowledge you’ve been looking for.  The more knowledge you have, the better you are at making the right decisions during your journey. Make it an event to build your knowledge.
    7. Get ideas on how you can develop your land – if you already have land but not sure what to do with it or how to go about developing it, the Show is bringing in reputable developers to talk about their experiences and of course give some tips on various aspects of property development. You don’t want to leave your land idle, do you?  Get help from those who have been there and done that.
    8. Learn how to minimize your risks – investment involves risk. Make bad investment decisions and increase your risk of losses. Insurers will be there.  See how you can gain valuable information from them to ensure that your most prized asset is covered against potential losses.
    9. Everything under one roof – When was the last time everything to do with real estate was under one roof? This is a rare opportunity so take it while it’s there.  Enter the venue and everything you need is within reach.
    10. Expensive but cheap – Real estate is expensive, no doubt about that. But this event is free and the value of the information you can obtain from this free event is priceless.

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