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Metoreia Market Opens

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The Metoreia Market outside the main village of Hanuabada is now open for business.


It was opened yesterday at the direction of the COVID-19 Task Force to provide a central point of supply for fruits and vegetables.


The opening had come about much earlier than expected after the Government declared a 14 day State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  A formal opening of the market will take place later this year once the crisis calms down or better is over.


The market sellers are restricted to village vendors only at this point.



The market is a joint development initiative between the United Church, NCDC and MKA.


Harry Vai is there architect behind the initial concept of this market.


Laurabada Councillor Rarua Dikana paid a visit to the market this morning and noted that people are “well mannered”.


The market is a historical and significant milestone for the village and the Councillor said :


“I felt a huge sense of pride and honor to see our people taking ownership of their welfare through this initiative. Although minor hiccups along the way since yesterdays opening but I believe we have (to) gain momentum towards maintaining order in Hanuabada and Elevala communities.”


Councillor Rarua Dikana


The market will be a huge boost to the village economy particularly the SMEs and the good councilor acknowledged the opportunity this infrastructure offers:


“A good chance for the people to harness SME opportunities once the market is officially in full swing…We can only become our own worst enemies if we are not civilised towards these opportunities. Together we can make a difference. Let us be proud of our beloved Poreporena Village.