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Harbourside – Office space for the consultant or freelancer

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If you thought the luxurious Harbourside development is only for the big corporations, you would’ve been correct a year ago.  But that is about to change if the current offerings on by Pacific Palms, the property manager for the development, is any indication.

One, two and three person offices are now available at this luxurious development which are ideal for consultants, freelancers or even small businesses.

The building owners have developed their vacant area to offer a bit more flexibility by allowing short term lease periods of daily, weekly or monthly.

There’s also Hotdesks which are basically desk spaces in an open setting with a bonus of having free wifi access for basic browsing.  So, if you’re looking for a place where you can work/study in peace and quiet for a few hours, these hot desk seats might just the solution.

The property manager took us for a brief inspection the other day and as expected it’s impressive.  Would we want to rent a space down there, of course. We have quite a number of freelance writers so this might be an opportunity to get our writers there even for a day or two to work.  Not such a bad idea.

To be honest, it’s quite a surprise to get this kind of office space at this luxurious development because the way the development was planned, nothing like this was ever mentioned. We could be wrong.

Then again, with a large number of commercial office space available, this could be an innovative way to lease office space rather than wait for some big corporation to come in and take the whole floor.

Other than the office itself, the site is on the waterfront with amazing views of Port Moresby harbour and of course the growing number of eateries on the ground floor.

If you think this might just be the kind of space you’re after, take a look at the opportunities here