6 Papua New Guineans That Made the Queen’s Honours List 50 Years Ago

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Before Papua New Guinea gained independence in 1975, 6 Papua New Guineans received major honours in the Queen’s Birthday Honour List.

Who were they and what were their background?

Mr Paliau Maloat

At the time he was the Member for Manus Open.

He servied in the Papua and New Guinea Police Force for many years and was also the President of the Baluan Local Government Council, from1951 to 1967.

Mr H. P. Seale

Morobe District Commissioner.

During the war Mr Seale served with the AIF and ANGAU in the New Guinea Islands. He was appointed District Commissionerin 1955.

Miss Constance Grace Fairhall

Born in England, she came to the Territory in 1933 and worked as a medical missionary at the LMS mission at Hanuabada for five years.

In 1962 she initiated welfare work among the Koki canoe dwelling, community and pioneered rehabilitation work at the Bomana Corrective Institution. She was also responsible for the development of the Hohola Community Centre.

Mrs Donga Goi

Mrs Goi joined the Public Health Department in 1947 as a malaria control assistant at Kup, Chimbu District.

She was elected amember of Wahgi Local Government Council and was the first woman to hold such office in the Highlands.

Mr Mahuru Rarua Rarua

Mr Mahuru Rarua Rarua joined the Administration in 1948 as a trainee co-operative inspector. When the Federation of Co – operative Societies Ltd was formed in 1956 Mr Rarua was appointed secretary.

He was a Member of the Legislative Council from 1957 to 1959.

Mr Salaen Sakaen

Mr Sakaen from Buagugu Village in the Finschhafen sub-district.

Mr Sakaen was the Chairman of the Finschhafen Marketing and Development Society, one of the largest rural producers’ co – operatives in the Territory at the time.