The Poll Results – Should The SOE Be Extended

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Over the last couple of days, we ran a mini-poll to see whether or not our followers on Twitter wanted to have the current State of Emergency extended.  The duration of the SOE is for a period of 14 days and concludes Monday next week.


The Parliament sits today at around 2pm and high on the agenda is whether to extend the SOE.  We shall know then whether the SOE will be extended but in the mean time here are the results of the mini-poll.


Based on the results above, 65% voted for a resounding YES to having the SOE extended.  22% decided against the SOE being extended and a rather surprising 14 % were unsure of whether or not the SOE should be extended.



Many comments that came from our Twitter followers revolved around the affect the SOE will have on their employment.  This was particularly a concern for private sector employees where those taking time off are using their annual leave or long service leave credits.  For those without any credits, there is a real chance that they will find themselves in a situation where they are taking “Leave Without Pay”.  Should the SOE be extended, the situation could be catastrophic for these employees.


Other users in support of the extension based their opinion on being “better to be safe than sorry”.


In any event, we shall know for sure whether the SOE will be extended when Parliament sits this afternoon.  Others are also looking forward to see what stimulus package the Government will introduce to bail out the businesses and employees.