SOE New Orders

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Controller Manning revokes first 37 orders and issues 13 new Emergency Orders

Office of the Controller
Media Statement
Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Emergency Controller David Manning yesterday revoked the 37 Emergency Orders issued previously under the nationwide State of Emergency and issued 13 new orders.

The new emergency orders were issued immediately following the National Parliament’s unanimous 80-2 decision yesterday to extend the State of Emergency for another 14 days.

The previous SOE began on 23 March and ended on June 2, 2020.

The 13 new emergency orders are:

  • Emergency Order No.1 – Revocation of all previous orders;
  • Emergency Order No.2 – Business & Social Final;
  • Emergency Order No.3 – International & Domestic Travel;
  • Emergency Order No.4 – Provincial Coordination;
  • Emergency Order No.5 – Continuance of public utility services;
  • Emergency Order No.6 – Impounding of Aircraft, Vehicle & Vessels;
  • Emergency Order No.7 – Seizure of certain goods;
  • Emergency Order No.8 – Price Regulations;
  • Emergency Order No.9 – Burial of persons;
  • Emergency Order No.10 – Customs Duties;
  • Emergency Order No.11 – COVID-19 Testing;
  • Emergency Order No.12 – COVID-19 Surveillance & testing; and
  • Emergency Order No.13 – Deferral of Goroka By-election.