Port Moresby Gets More Facelift

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As the most important event to date gets near Port Moresby is undergoing major transformation.  Roads being redone, a redevelopment of the city’s iconic beach, new buildings and now more traffic lights particularly in the central business district area.

One of the things about traffic lights is that they hardly ever work but make no mistake the new and old traffic lights will light like you’ve never seen before.  Even better they will be working consistently, at least throughout the meeting period.

Papua  New Guineans aren’t very good at maintaining infrastructure which is why many new projects tend to be here now and forgotten tomorrow.

Bus-stops are also being redone and like many of the projects being done, they get that finishing touch of “China Aid” plastered on them.  Most of the projects tend to be funded by the Chinese and it’s clear that the Government is doing more deals with China than never before.  Who knows, we may soon start to learn how to speak to Mandarin.

Anyway, here are some of the pics to show you what’s happening in Port Moresby city.