Koki Market Closed

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Member for Moresby South Mr Justin Tkatchenko, has warned to close down all the markets in his electorates if people in the market do not practice social distancing and general safe health practices. Koki Market is the first to close and followed by the market at 6 Mile.  This was announced at the 6 Mile Saraga Market this afternoon while addressing  Moresby South Residents on the Corona Virus.


In a Facebook post, the Member for Moresby South said:


“Today I have had to close the Koki Market and Beetlnut Market because I couldn’t ensure the Safety of our people from this Virus both the vendor and buyer.”


The Member reasoned :


“The Health of my people is more important than anything else at the Moment.  We cannot compromise on our Health and Safety.”



Me Tkatchenko has been seriously concerned about the attitude of the people and strongly sounded out that an attitude change is critical for the good of the people especially under these global threats.


“We have to really change our Attitudes and lisen and implement advise given for the good of all of us.”


The good member warned that he was prepared to take drastic action should lives be at risk.


“If nessasary I will close all the Markets down if our people lives are at risk. This is not a joke anymore and we all must work together to combat this deadly disease.”


Pics: Justin Tkatchenko Facebook page