Change of Measures on International Travel

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The Office of the Controller has issued a statement updating the measures in place for international travel.  Most notable amongst the restrictions is the reduction of days in the testing period prior to boarding an aircraft and subject to approval the number of quarantine days for those who arrive in the country.

Below we highlight the key changes with a link at the foot taking you to a copy of the official statement/measures as updated.

  1. No person can enter PNG except by aircraft.
  2. No person can board an aircraft to PNG unless exempted by the Controller or his delegate.
  3. You can only board an aircraft if you have tested for COVID 7 days prior to boarding and that that test results in a negative.
  4. Foreign diplomats may quarantine for 14 days at an “appropriate” residence.
  5. The period of quarantine is 14 days from the date of arrival.  However, there is an exception which is subject to approval from the Controller that inbound passengers who have spent the last 7 days in Queensland may only be required to quarantine for 7 days and not 14.  This decision may reflect the current “successful” controls applied in Queensland in comparison to other States like New South Wales and Victoria where cases have risen sharply of late.
  6. A couple of family may quarantine together if they arrive on the same flight.
  7. There are exceptions for leaving a designated place of quarantine earlier than required- one of which is seeking medical attention.
  8. If you refuse to undertake a COVID test at the request of the Controller, your period of quarantine will be extended by a further 14 days.
  9. On arrival at the designated hotel, you will be required to surrender your passport.
  10. These measures came into effect on 16 July 2020.

For full listing of the updated measures, click here.



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