BSP Senior Management Visit Sub-Branches in Sepik Provinces

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BSP PNG | In the bank’s effort to continuously assess and improve its operations around PNG, Bank South Pacific Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robin Fleming accompanied by BSP Retail General Manager Daniel Faunt and Retail Deputy General Manager Peter Komon visited the BSP branches and Sub-Branches in the Sepik Provinces last week.     

The senior management team visited one branch and two sub-branches in the East Sepik Province, and one sub-branch in Sandaun Province (West Sepik) that serves the bulk of the rural people including Public Servants in the Sepik Economic Zone.

The branches visited in the East Sepik Province included Wewak branch and Yangoru and Maprik sub branches respectively. They also visited Aitape sub-branch in the Sandaun Province.

The trio visited BSP Maprik sub-branch, where they met with branch staff and took the opportunity to meet with the District Administrator Joshua Himina to discuss options to expand the branch to cater for the increasing businesses and customers in the area. The management also planned to increase the number of staff at the Maprik sub branch.

The executives also took the opportunity to meet with staff at the newly established BSP Yangoru sub-branch and later BSP Aitape sub-branch in Sandaun Province (West Sepik) the following day. 

The senior managers travelled by road to Aitape, the first of such for the Group CEO and his management team. Mr Fleming thanked staff at Aitape for their efforts in providing banking services to people in the area, as he committed to discussing with the BSP branch landlord, Post PNG, the option of increasing the size of the branch to allow BSP to expand its presence in Aitape district.

“With Covid-19 still affecting our people, BSP as a bank should continue to provide essential services to our people. It is paramount we continue to promote social distancing with our customers. Digital banking is the way to go. Customers will not have to visit the branches for transactions if they have these platforms readily available at their use. This will be evident by reductions in our branch queues or visits when more people use our Digital Banking services.”  Said Mr Fleming while commending the staff for their efforts in 2020.

Fleming also encouraged the staff to positively and promptly attend to customers’ queries at the branches, by email or phone.

BSP Retail Senior Managers Daniel Faunt and Peter Komon also commended staff for their diligent efforts and encouraged them to take pride in their job, as staff play an important role in the rural communities that the bank operates in.

The visit is also the first for the recently appointed Retail GM and his Deputy GM. The trio also visited markets, local informal businesses and checked BSP EFTPoS terminals at shops.  More interestingly, they made time for a chat with customers outside the branches.

They met with staff and management at Wewak branch to thank them for their efforts in managing customer queues and to assess options to expand the customer area in the branch for ease of movement and provide a secure banking environment for customers and staff.

BSP is the only commercial bank in Maprik, Yangoru and Aitape that serve the mass of the rural population in the area.