Announcement of the Passing of Pangu Pati Treasurer, the Late Mr. Daniel Kapi

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We are deeply saddened to announce that Pangu Pati Inc lifelong Pangu Kwila, stalwart
and statesman, Mr. Daniel Kapi passed away to be with our Heavenly Father on January 13,

Mr. Morris Tovebae, Pangu Pati Inc. General Secretary, who the late Mr. Kapi mentored
through the Pati’s rank and file since 1990 expressed his deep remorse and appreciation for
Mr. Kapi’s life and service to Pangu Pati and Papua New Guinea.

Mr. Daniel Kapi used his pulpit and podium to serve his local seat, as Member for Wabag
Open, Minister for Correctional Institutions Services under former late Sir Mekere Morauta,
KCMG MP and the people of Papua New Guinea with high distinction, morals and integrity
until his passing.

Caption: Daniel Kapi, as a Kwila of the Pati, presenting a live painting by artist Jeffry Feegar to Hon. James Marape, MP at a Thank You Dinner on December 22, 2019. Photo: Daisy Vele, SR Curio

Mr. Kapi’s God-fearing nature, giant stature, brilliance, passion and energy were the source
of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. Our world is immeasurably
better because of Mr. Kapi’s contribution which include but are not limited to:

● Creation of the office of Independent Consumer and Competition Commission
(ICCC) in his capacity as the inaugural foundation director;
● His most outstanding legacy in serving as Deputy Chair of the National Strategic Plan
Taskforce which culminated in Papua New Guinea Vision 2050, which launched
PNG’s inaugural national vision to rank PNG in the Top 50 in the United Nations,
Human Development Index.

Mr. Kapi’s greatest love was for God, his Church, his Country and his Family. Our hearts and
prayers go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.

Photo: Source: Facebook. Photo supplied. Photographer unknown.

As the hero of the biblical book of Daniel, which in Hebrew means “God is my judge or God
is my strength”, Mr. Kapi served our country, from the meekest and voiceless to consecutive
Prime Ministers and their successors, with loyalty and ability until the time of his passing.

Known in the Mustard Chapel Seed International (MSCI) Port Moresby branch as “Papa
Daniel”, a pillar, man of humility and honour, he had a huge heart for all and loved God, Mr.
Kapi committed to worship in the house of the Lord weekly, in good or poor health, he was a
generous Kingdom supporter in things concerning ministry. He was the true definition of 2
Corinthians 9:6-7, a cheerful giver.

Mr. Kapi’s regret was that he did not serve God when he was younger and had the vigor and
energy that he once did as a younger man.
Daniel and his “comrades”, as they fondly referred to each other were known for their
lifelong service and dedication to guiding the ship, MV Papua New Guinea through calm
waters and stormy seas.

Caption: Mr. Daniel Kapi and the late Sir Mekere Morauta, KCMG, MP sharing a private discussion in 2020. Photographer: Unknown.

The solace we have is that he has fought the good fight, he has finished the race and he has
kept the faith (2 Timothy 4:7).

Mr. Daniel Kapi’s passing is a great loss not only to his church, family, Pangi Pati Inc but to
this nation as we implement policies to institutionalise the values, beliefs and strategy he
committed his life to achieve economic independence.

Caption: Attempt Great Things for God Camp in Sydney in 2017 with MSCI founder Bishop Dag Heward-Mills (Centre). Photo: Vavine Anang

We honour his lasting legacy evident in Mr. Kapi’s purpose-driven and God-inspired
transformational vision impacting the many lives he has inspired, not only as a role model,
but those he trained and mentored to uphold high values, integrity and transparency.

For more information, please contact Mr. Patrick Pundao, President or Mr. Morris Tovebae,
General Secretary via email at

The Organising Committee for the late Mr. Daniel Kapi’s funeral and traditional Haus Krai
contact details are as follows:

Mr. Peter Mission
Chairman of the Organising Committee
Phone: +675 7322 6262
Funeral (Haus Krai) Committee

Mr. Ali Adnan
Funeral (Haus Krai) Committee Member
Ph:+675 7216 2288

Mr. Dan Kakaraya
Funeral (Haus Krai) Committee Member
Ph: +675 7017 1111

Ms. Julie Kapi Kolaip
Funeral (Haus Krai) Committee Member
Ph: +675 7300 0868