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Only One Way out Alive as Kayakers Battle Beriman

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Papua New Guinea’s river is a beguiling trap — once you commit, there’s no turning back.

Source : Steve Root

Locked In: First Decsent of Beriman Gorge © Ben Mar / Red Bull Content Pool
Sometimes, the most visually attractive things in nature are also the most deadly. The jewel-toned poison arrow frog comes to mind, as does a wicked bolt of lightning and those pink-flowered oleander bushes that adorn every interstate in America. All lookers, all lethal.

Similarly, Papua New Guinea’s Beriman Gorge is an otherworldly tropical paradise straight out of “Avatar”: Twenty-five miles of turquoise river and billowy white falls carving through 4,000-foot sheer sandstone walls and unspoiled emerald jungle. Oh, and to date, it’s utterly unnavigable and completely inescapable should something — anything — go wrong.

So, what the heck? Let’s give it a go.

That’s the thinking of professional adventure kayakers Ben Stookesberry, Chris Korbulic, Ben Marr and Pedro Oliva, who set out to be the first to tackle the river as documented in “Locked In: First Descent of Beriman Gorge.” And while we’re not going to spoil it by revealing the outcome, we are going to whet your appetite for the experience with some pretty intense GIFs and a clip from the show:

© Ben Mar / Red Bull Content Pool

Aaaand exhale. Pretty wild stuff, eh? Now, catch the full adventure right here on Red Bull TV: