Sir Julius To Feature In Next K100 Note

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Former Prime Minister and Member for New Ireland Province, Sir Julius Chan, according to reports is expected to feature in the next K100 note.

This announcement was reportedly made by current Prime Minister Honorable James Marape at Sir Julius’ 80th birthday celebrations held at the State Function Room.

The honor to feature on note is said to be largely due to the Member of New Ireland being the first Finance Minister of the country.

Most notably, Sir Julius was at the forefront in bringing to life PNG’s very own currency the Kina and Toea.

The public’s reaction to this latest move by the Marape Government has been received with mixed feelings.

Some comments from those in support have said:

“most deserving and fitting for your contribution to our nation’s currency and the financial institution the Central Bank.”

…makes more sense as Somare is the founding father of PNG’s Independence.

But not everyone is entirely pleased with the move. The Sandline issue remains fresh in the minds of many.

HOLD YOUR HORSES!!…That man was responsible for the Sandline crisis…

Ken Kelrui was more general

A lot of joke and mockery to the Queens titles and awards. Too many titles to people and now a joke on our currency.

One of the most concerning aspects of moves like this is that the country is facing many serious issues which require urgent attention. There is no time to be giving out such “awards” or recognitions and perhaps these should be left or put aside until such time we can see a glimmer of hope on our future. At present, there is really nothing to be proud of.

Not to take anything away from Sir Julius it just seems a little inappropriate under present circumstances and people like Sir Julius would very well understand.