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Central Dabaris undertake Financial Literacy Training

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The Central Dabaris Rugby League team had some BSP time with the branch team at Waigani Drive assisting to open accounts and conduct Financial Literacy training for the players last Thursday.

The team were then presented with financial literacy training certificates after successful training participation.

The training aimed provide basic knowledge on how to manage and invest money and  Financial Education (FE) on Savings,  Budgeting and using the right banking products that will help in achieving personal savings goals.

Dabaris players filling out application forms to open accounts and register for mobile banking during the FLT training

BSP Banking Education Manager, Gabriel Nangile said, “With the basic skills of budgeting and savings, we hope that we can help these men to be able to better manage money, and make more informed decisions when it comes to finance. We are quite pleased to be able to work with the Central Dabaris Rugby League Club. ”

Central Dabaris Chief Executive Officer Hubert Warupi thanked BSP for the successful life skills program saying, “The team is pleased with the presentation of certificates from this training and for the time.”

BSP team with Central Dabaris players during pose for a photos after the FLT Training

We want to promote responsibility in managing money and encourage basic savings, as part of the Dabaris Rugby League Club.  We continue to encourage the boys to take what is shared and make wise decisions as sportsmen.”



BSP team with Central Dabaris players during pose for a photos after the FLT Training



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