Hane, Haro And The Dog Unit

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This was a joke we received through email about 4 years ago.  It never gets old, simply because the Papua New Guinea sense of humour “barks” so loudly in this joke.  No offence intended to anyone, we’re Papua New Guineans and we like to have a laugh or two with or without a beer or buai.


Here it goes…


A Motuan lady Hane (not her real name) worked as a receptionist for the Police Dog Unit. Every time she received an incoming call, she would answer the phone in this manner “Daba namona (Good Morning), Police Dog unit, Hane speaking!“.


The office cleaner, an old Kerema man Haro (not his real name), while cleaning the front office area in the morning would often hear Hane say this over the phone.


One particular morning Hane was late to work.


While busy cleaning the reception area, the phone rang. At first Haro ignored it hoping someone else in the office would answer it. But the call came in a little too early and no one was available to pick it up.


The phone rang a couple more times and knowing no one was going to answer it, Haro decided that should the phone ring the next time, he would bravely answer the phone and answer in the same way Hane answered.  While he waited for the phone to ring he practiced just like how Hane typically answered the phone: “Daba namona (Good Morning), Police Dog unit, Hane speaking!“.


Just then, the phone rang.  Walking up to the phone and nervously practising how to answer, Haro paused, picked up the phone and answered in true Kerema dialect:


Tapa lamola – Police tok spikin!” (Daba Namona – Police Dog Speaking)