Easter106 – They Are Ridiculously Hilarious

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They say they’ve been as a group entertaining on social media, particularly Instagram, since December 2018 but they’re gradually emerging on the newsfeed of many PNG social media users and their engagement level is phenomenal.

There’s a good reason for that – they’re hilarious.

There’s something about them that makes them unique other than being funny.  Their content is local which makes it “relatably” humorous.

Take for instance the coconut scraping video featuring K-Creed!

Even the more serious stuff like a broken heart followed by a suicide attempt using a toilet makes a surprise and laughing conclusion to the short video.


You’ve got to give it to these lads for trying something new in the PNG social media circles which is why they generating more engagement and of course more fans.

Easter106 are still fairly the “new kids on the block”.

Established during Easter and in their own words “we chose the name Easter because that’s when our Saviour and the Lord Jesus Christ died and gave use hope and new life”.

One would mistake the name for a Church choir but ironically their content is anything but religious.

The group, led my Jeffrey James Ali and Jubilee Charles Ali, consist of 18 members.  Two are in formal employment while the rest are at school and unemployed.  At the rate they’re going and if their social media popularity increases, there is no doubt monetizing their success could possibly result in self employment.

The guys deserve a lot of credit particularly in a surrounding of high unemployment and increasing social issues.  Their creativity in planning and executing short videos is incredible particularly when the audience can relate closely with it.

Even the video quality and sound is amazing from an amateur level.

The “Boxing Match” is their most popular video to date:

Speaking of sound, the “squad” is pretty good on the dance floor too. Just take a look at one of their earlier videos:

Easter106 plan to expand and next is YouTube.

We wish them all the best.  You can follow them on Facebook here