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Would you have this at work?

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Do any of you workers find it hard to spend a good 30 to 60 minutes in the gym?  The demands of work, family and generally the household is putting a lot of strain on our schedule we have very little “free” time.

Our boss knows this, we know it and the family knows it but we’re not doing anything about it.  Since we spend much of the time in the office, our employer owes it to us to either give us more time off or at least be a little more creative by introducing unique programs that can help us physically and mentally.

So we’ve been searching for something that employers could introduce and this beauty of a machine might just be what we’re looking for.

This “treadmill” looks like a whole lot of fun and if the video below is any indication, it’s certainly something worth looking at further.  The “treadmill” is an existing game called “slot car racing” and is powered by bike pedals.  Get 3 or more workmates on the bike and start racing.  It looks to be whole lot of fun and other than creating a competitive environment and excitement, you’re sweating and burning calories at the same time.

And this can all be done at working during the lunch break.

It looks kind of addictive too so if you do get carried away with this “toy” the boss could front up in front of the bike threatening you to “hop off” or else…

But from a health perspective, it does certainly give a positive vibe to the work place and could possibly shape you for the better both mentally and physically.

Let us know if you’d like one of these. We’re searching to find out where exactly can you get one.