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The Fish You See At the Market

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It’s amazing the kind of fish you can come across at the Koki Market here in the nation’s capital.

One of our colleagues took a “newcomer” to the Koki Fish Market and decided to snap a few pics of what was there.

The pics below certainly indicate that local fishermen really do have the skill despite not having the latest fishing equipments.

As enticing as the fish might look on the dinner table, the fish on sale will now come with ummm a “catch” starting this week.

Local member for Moresby South has introduced a K50 per day per stall fee.

Obviously, there has got to be a price to pay but the hefty price placed on stall holders means life is is going to get a little tougher and market goers are expected to make up for it through increased prices.

It’s a very competitive market but the new regulation is expected to be a major blow for local sellers.

Here’s the notice of the new fee increase: