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Galip Nut – Another Proud Taste of PNG

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Guest Contributor : FoodMahn

So there’s been this buzz lately on social media about the galip nut now being sold in packages at PNG’s leading retailer Stop N Shop. The first I heard of this was on the Skerah Facebook Page and you know when I love the postings on Skerah and they’re a very reliable and entertaining bunch so I took their word and thought I’d give these nuts a try.  As a disclaimer, they’re not paying me to write this piece and neither is anyone else.  I, like most of you, love food and whenever the taste is good (or horrible) I like to beg sites like Skerah to write about my experiences. I could have my own blog but no one would read it so best to pest sites like Skerah to give me some space to write.

These nuts are usually sold at the markets or in the case of Port Moresby around the traffic lights.  When I saw the posting on Skerah about the nuts being packaged and now being sold at the Stop N Shop supermarkets, I was quite anxious to give it a try and see whether the taste is as good as those sold by the wantoks around the Waigani traffic lights.

These packaged nuts come in three varieties: Natural, Roasted and Peeled.  I opted for the latter two.  I like anything that’s roasted so I thought I’d see how these Galip Nuts would taste like when roasted.  And I also snapped up the Peeled one too because peeling these nuts can make you go nuts!

I tried the roasted one first and instantly I could feel that distinct “roasting” taste particularly on the outside of the nut. The nuts themselves aren’t peeled and it looks like they’re simply washed and roasted.  I liked it because of the distinct taste and the white element of the nut hasn’t been affected much. I also found it to be a little sweeter and I noticed on the packaging labels that they’ve added sugar and salt.

The peeled one made my life a hell of a lot easier because I just can’t stand the thought of opening up this package and spending endless time peeling them.  They need to make special peelers specifically for these galip nuts.  But the peeled one has a more smoother and firmer taste in comparison to the traffic lights sold nuts.  It’s a little less crunchy than the usual ones but that’s not to say it doesn’t taste great because it still has that delicious galip taste. Unlike the roasted one, this is 100% galip so no additives.

But what I’m even more proud about this new product is that it’s a truly local product that contributes to the locally community particularly the harvesters and collectors and their families in East New Britain.

Yes, this product has its facility near Kokopo and the manufacturer gets its nuts from the fresh Galip fruit in the surrounding areas.

Just a little bit about the Galip Nut in case you’re going nuts about where it derives from, the nuts come from a tall rainforest-fruit bearing tree known as Canarium indicum.  It grows wild in parts of PNG and the Pacific and nutritionists (I’m not one) will tell you that it is packed with essential nutrients, fats and protein.

The product is part of a joint venture between the National Agricultural Research Institute, the University of Sunshine Coast, the University of Adelaide and the Australian Centre of Agricultural Research.  The venture is funded by the people of Australia.

Please do go out there and give it a try – the taste will be something else 🙂  Sold at Stop N Shop outlets.

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