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Cute Little Cafe on McGregor

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Spotted a cute little cafe on McGregor Street in Port Moresby.

Not many people are aware of this eatery but it’s one that you have to try.  It ticks quite a few boxes you’d expect from a cafe which is why we want you to give it a try the next time you need your coffee fix, a bite or feeling a little adventurous to try something new.

Cafe Bonjour is located on the ground floor of the new Deloitte Tower facing the picturesque Fairfax Harbour.  The view is a site to behold as you can pretty much get a panoramic view of the entire harbor from a single spot.  If you don’t like heights, best you keep a few feet away.

This unique cafe makes use of this magnificent view with deck chairs on the edge behind the glass windows.

Natural light rays into the cafe to give that natural light within the interior of the cafe and with the coolness of the air-condition circulating within the room, it makes for a pleasant and relaxing environment.

For the unknown, it might be a little difficult to get there but there’s a signboard on the road side and a security guard that will guide into the cafeteria premises.

Now the food.  There’s a variety and it’s good food indeed.  Actually, delicious is the more appropriate word and the other thing to note is the price – it’s reasonably priced which is quite a surprise too.

Fresh Sandwiches are priced at K15 and there’s a choice of the traditional Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato, Ham Cheese & Tomato to the Chunky Curried Egg.

And for an extra 50 toea, you can have your sandwich toasted.  Our favorite toasted sandwich is the  Chili Tuna and Cheese – try this one Spicy and Cheesy!

Bonjour seems to focus on health more than the other cafes we’ve visited.  There’s fruit salad, Sushi (Wasabi Crab or Teriyaki Chicken) for K18 and Grilled Chicken Salad for K22.

They have a limited gourmet range like Chicken Katsu Roll and BBQ Pulled Pork Roll for K22 each and for K24 there’s the Pesto Chicken Panini.

For drinks, we recommend the freshly squeezed juices for a reasonably priced K18.  Pure and natural although our only reservation is that they could perhaps top-up a bit more on the quantity side.  Otherwise, it’s healthy and delicious.

The hot food selection seems to be the usual Quiche, Chicken Wrap, Mince Pies and the lot with prices ranging from K6 for pies to K16.50 for the Quiche.

For something even sweeter, there’s muffins, bread, croissants, brownies and cheese cake priced between K7 to K19.50 for the cheese cake.