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Culturally Creative Cakes

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The weekend’s up and some of you might be spending more time in the kitchen doing some baking. Now, here’s a bit of inspiration if you’re thinking of serving up something sweet for the tribe.

Al & Ness Foodbarn in Madang have taken baking cakes to another level. Last year for Papua New Guinea’s Independence Anniversary, they baked these original and unique cakes to celebrate the country’s big day. These culturally themed cakes aren’t just delicious they’re eye catching too.

One of the great things about social media from a customer’s point of view is that you get to find out what others think of the product and service. And it looks like the makers of these culturally Creative cakes back up the product with an equally pleasant customer service.

A repeat customer says that he hasn’t seen “customer satisfaction and quality of service like they do”.

Another says Al & Ness “make awesome cakes and provide awesome service”.

Based on social media recommendation, these caterers in Madang are scoring a pleasing 4.9 out of 5 recommendation.