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By Pauline Mago-King

Jewellery-making is truly an art. There’s an intricate way of creating it and no one knows this better than the owner and designer of Zambilla & Co. – Tiana Reimann. The twenty-year old Kimbe meri’s natural finesse for the arts has brought to life a vibrant jewellery line, capturing Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) array of splendid colours. Skerah caught up with the talented Tiana to find out more about Zambilla’s birth…

Since the tender age of 11, Tiana has always had a knack for creating things and it’s no surprise as her mother is Papua New Guinean-renowned artist, Nathalie Le Riche. Yet like other creative individuals, Tiana never anticipated that her gift would grow into a flourishing jewellery line.

Tiana & mum, Nathalie Le Riche

“My mother is a PNG artist and I guess I got my flare from her. My creativity has been brewing inside me for a long time now but I never thought I would really get into a jewellery business,” said Tiana.

Zambilla’s freshness and authenticity is a result of Tiana’s fondness for detail and imagination. These two aspects have helped in shaping her much-loved designs and as a result inspired her to create more jewellery at a professional level.

“I draw inspiration from bright, vibrant and contrasting colours in coral cods, flowers, exotic spiders and other animals plus my imagination with PNG colours. [For my next range] I am looking into designing provincial flag coloured earrings in preparation for the upcoming PNG Games and I’d love to hear Skerah readers’ feedbacks.”

While Zambilla continues to burst with creativity and success, Tiana shared that there were challenges along the way like dreaming up the business name to marketing and exposure. Fortunately, Tiana used the Internet to develop Zambilla’s exposure as a brand. A bonus to Zambilla’s online marketing success was Tiana’s proven skill for photography.

“I built my own website, took pictures and created a Facebook page and invited my friends to join. From there, friends started to buy [Zambilla products] and I would post them out. I have some very loyal customers which I am grateful for as when they wear their earrings, the word spreads,” explained Tiana.

And as PNG streets gradually become overwhelmed with talks of Zambilla, the orders also pile up. Tiana though has thought ahead by establishing contacts in Port Moresby who will gladly stock up on Zambilla designs.

Tiana’s determination to pursue Zambilla & Co. can be traced back to her own family. From her grandparents to parents, Tiana modestly tries to follow their successful path.

“They all own their own businesses and it has inspired me to start my own. I’m far from what they are today but I aim to become as successful as them one day and have my brand known worldwide.”

Apart from growing her brand Zambilla & Co., Tiana is also using it to give back to her community in PNG through the Bucket of Love Foundation. The foundation was born on Valentine’s Day in 2015 and looks at recycling old chlorine buckets from pools around Brisbane, Australia by filling them with educational, health, and sporting equipment for remote villagers around West New Britain (WNB) Province. So far over $6000 worth of goods has been donated to Baia villagers and underfunded schools in WNB. Tiana added that Skerah readers can help the foundation by either donating for shipping costs or passing on the word to Brisbane contacts.

“I am very passionate about helping people in PNG and hopefully one day I can come back to do so in a larger way. The Bucket of Love was one of the ways I could give back to my country which is why I started it so I can at least help the people where I grew up.”

Tiana Reimann continues to strive to make an impact through her works of art. In saying that she also encourages others with similar interests to pursue their dreams and to make use of every opportunity that comes their way.

“It’s important to understand the basics in selling such as balancing profits and expenses to generate profit and understanding basic social media marketing especially through Facebook. You need to ask yourself, “do I believe in this product and do people want this product?” If you don’t know, test it in the market through Facebook or go to actual markets. If you don’t have the finances or skills to start, you can ask your friends or family who might have the website skills or feedback.”

Happy Zambilla customers

From selling jewellery and photography at hotels in Kimbe to shipping Zambilla & Co. products to various parts of the world, Tiana has found her niche in life. If you’d like to purchase any Zambilla product, visit their stall at Lamana Hotel on Saturday, April 22 from 11a.m. to 3p.m. And if you’re into designing, Zambilla’s giving you the opportunity to have your very own design featured in their range (more information below).

*** Tiana currently resides in Brisbane, Australia. She is completing her final year in Bachelor of Business Marketing & Advertising at Queensland University of Technology. On top of managing Zambilla & Co. and Bucket of Love Foundation, she also has a photography business. She also has a spider photo taken at her backyard in Kimbe featured in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition which has the potential to win $10,000. To learn more about all these, click on the links below:

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