The Pacific Labour Scheme – What is it?

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There have been several postings by Papua New Guineans on seasonal work in Australia and New Zealand.  Some have wondered what exactly this program is and more importantly, how they can participate.


The Seasonal Worker Program is an Australian Government initiative that aims to assist employers in the agricultural and accommodation sectors to fill employment gaps unable to be met by the Australian workforce.


Those who participate in the program, the seasonal workers, benefit from the opportunity to earn Australian wages and gain valuable “on the job” learning opportunities.  For the workers, this is a fantastic life changing opportunity.


Papua New Guinea is part of this program and the PNG Labour Mobility and Regional Initiative Office within the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations co-ordinates Pacific Mobility screening, processing and recruitment processes.  Their job is basically to provide Australian employers highest quality workforce.


According to the Pacific Labour Scheme, the Australian Government has two visa schemes available for Papua New Guineans to work in Australia.  These are: Seasonal Worker Program which is specifically for the unskilled and Pacific Labour Scheme which offers low-skilled  and semi-skilled work.


The PLS states that its current focus in so far as recruitment is concerned is the selection of PNG citizens in Lae, Kavieng, Madang and Enga.  Recruitment in other regions PLS says will begin soon.


More information can be obtained through the District or Provincial administration in the relevant region.