Hard Work and Commitment Brings Reward for BizPrint Employee

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These are tough times in Papua New Guinea but patience and commitment are key attributes to making it to the other side with a smile.  We love those feel good stories not just because they’re positive, but they can act as an inspiration to others.  So if you want to feel inspired or at the very least feel positive, this story might just be the one to read.

Amulato Bibaesi’s story is one of hard work and being rewarded for it.

The story goes that Amulato stepped into Peter Goodwin’s office – the CEO of Remington.  She had no idea that she was about to be offered housing for her and her children, a car and an increased salary package.

Surprised would be an understatement.

From the Gulf/Western Province, Amulato has a marketing and sakes background and is now the top Sales Executive at BizPrint PNG.

The printing company says that Amulato is proud to be a hard-working professional. That’s quite an attribute but not surprising for a single mother of 3.  She says:

I’ve been with BizPrint PNG for more than 10 years. My promotion including salary increase, housing and a car was my prayer come true. I was especially happy sharing the news with my 3 children. Life isn’t easy in PNG and I’ve grown through the many hardships.

The Sales Executive says about her dream

You learn to believe in yourself and work hard towards your dream.

I have passion, love my job & take it seriously. I’m always eager and this drives me. I listen to customer needs & respond quickly because it builds trust.

She obviously can’t say anything bad about her employer after the faith that they’ve shown on her:

Remington Group is well-known & they look after their staff.

What about the boss that steers the ship at Remington:

Our CEO is a cool guy who gets straight to the point. He’s always moulding and shaping staff, keeping us on our toes so we’re a force to be reckoned with. Peter says when you work hard, you deserve to be rewarded and that’s exactly what he did.

Congratulations Amulato.  Hard work and commitment does pay huge dividends.

Original Article from BizPrint LinkedIn.

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