David Adam An Inspiration

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By W Minox

While many people without disabilities complain about the hardships of life, someone couldn’t let his disabilities stopping him from achieving his dreams.

A sixteen year old gr 10 regular student of Badigawah Technical Secondary School who is both mute and deaf calmly and peacefully with the assistance of his sign language teacher who assisted in interpreting the invigilator’s announcements and messages wrote his written expression today.

Honestly I was amazed.

A life lesson for us all. Please think before you complain about life, just stop and think.

They are people out there with problems and struggles greater than yours.

People who don’t complain nor question the creator rather learn to adapt and move on in life, while many of us despite being with our five God’s given senses still complain 😞

The motivation and passion in him will definitely be enriched. God will definitely bless Badihagwa Secondary School for giving him an opportunity to education and God will bless him with whatever he wish for. 😍