Checklist For Working Resident Employment Entry Permit

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Here is a list of the requirements you need to provide when applying for a Working Resident Employment Entry Permit, whether it be for the short or long term with the Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority.

  1. Sponsorship letter from Employer
    The sponsorship letter requires the employer to provide full details of the employee, the position offered, the work permit approval details including number and expiration date, the PNG overseas mission to collect the Employment Entry Visa and the employer to provide guarantee of accommodation and welfare with the eventual repatriation of the employee to the country of origin.
  2. Receipt of Migration Service Fee
  3. Copy of Work Permit Approval letter from the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations
  4. Maintenance Guarantee Bond
  5. Copy of bio-data page of passport
  6. Copy of IPA certificates
  7. Copy of Employment Contract
  8. Copy of IELTS Certificate (if applicable)
  9. Copy of Curriculum Vitae
  10. Copy of Residence Entry Permit

If you would like more information on the above, please contact the Chief Migration Officer on 327 6100.

Please note that the above information is for general purpose information only.  If you are seriously considering making an application, please contact the Chief Migration Officer’s office and enquire to get the most updated information and specific requirements.  This is just a guide and should not be relied on.