BSP sends trio to France under Leadership Program

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BSP’s focus investing in its greatest asset – human resource. BSP Group Chief Executive Officer Robin Fleming.

L-R_Kili Tambua Nuni Kulu and Stanerd Wai
L-R_Kili Tambua Nuni Kulu and Stanerd Wai

Three senior managers in the Bank South Pacific (BSP) Leadership Management Development Program (LMDP) will be attending the Transition to General Management Program at INSEAD Executive Business School Fontainebleau Campus in France.

This is the first time that BSP will send staff to attend programs at INSEAD under its structured leadership development program.

Nuni Kulu, Stanerd Wai and Kili Tambua are a part of (LMDP), which commenced in 2013.

The objective of the LMDP is to mentor and develop staff to take on senior and executive leadership roles in the next 3 – 5 years.  The bank has committed funds to sponsor leadership development programs such as the Bank of Philippines Islands Secondment Program, General Management, Senior Managers and New Leaders Development Programs with Melbourne Business School and Executive MBA Programs with INSEAD for the Senior Leaders category participants.

BSP Group Chief Executive Officer Robin Fleming explained that BSP’s focus now was to improve its sales and service capabilities and to achieve this; BSP was committed to investing in its greatest asset – human resource.

“The goal is to develop the next generation of leaders to manage the bank. The exchange programme is part of a bigger drive to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Hence emerging leaders will also be exposed to a range of training and development methods, supported by mentoring and coaching,” Mr Fleming explained.

BSP regards skilled, trained and motivated staff as key to addressing today’s banking challenges. The rapid pace of change in the financial industry and the increasing complexity of the industry, require staff to be exposed to international markets to broaden their outlook and vision.

“We believe this programme will give these staff an opportunity to learn, grow and build on their experiences and come back and effectively and efficiently manage in their respective roles and also to help in mentoring the next group of banking industry leaders,” Mr Fleming said.

The three participants are pleased to be a part of this development story and expressed sentiments that this is an opportunity to learn as much as they can and take on a more challenging leadership role.

Nuni Kulu, who started off as a graduate trainee and now the Area Manager for Southern Region, said that the opportunity would certainly help with better managing day to day activities of the role.

“For me, this high level management involves a lot of understanding and knowledge and I hope that, I will be able to gain a lot from the program to implement in my work,” Ms Kulu said.

Kili Tambua, Deputy GM Retail Banking, comes with a wealth of banking experience and adds that LMDP has helped to develop the next line of Papua New Guinean executives.

“The program not only is helping us to develop our potential as leaders, but also providing the opportunity for lower level managers, that are stepping up and taking responsibility in decision making for the bank, thus showing much potential in leadership for the bank,” Mr Tambua said.

Stanerd Wai a well experienced banker for 21 years, also added that the opportunity given will certainly help in better understanding and implementing in the bank’s operations and also share with his team.

All three extended appreciation and applauded the bank for the opportunity.