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Top 10 Articles Tells A Lot About Us

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The top 10 articles by reach and engagement on tells a lot about who our audience really are and we must say, we’re pleased at the following we have.  Our top articles have generated about 50,000+ reach each within three days of being published.  That’s a phenomenal figure for a Papua New Guinea based website.  But it’s the kind of content that makes us so pleased that we have a lot of wonderful people who follow us.


Based on the articles below, we can surely say that our audience is both an appreciative and patriotic lot.  They like positive stories and they like seeing Papua New Guineans doing well. Thank you wantoks.


The list below is limited to only organic reach which means we paid nothing to boost their reach by way of paid advertising. They acquired the numbers by virtue solely of their content and the engagement from followers.

1. Era Kone in Independence Day – 40k

Topping the charts is a photo taken by BJG PRoductions of the Independence celebrations at Era Kone.  Not only was this a professionally taken picture, it was well timed – a skydiver draped in the Papua New Guinea flag descending into the crowd at the beach during Papua New Guinea’s independence day celebrations.  Within that single day, the reach amassed 40k passionate Papua New Guineans and those with Papua New Guinea at heart.

2. Toua Sisters Win Gold – 35k

At every Pacific Games, Dika Toua has never disappointed.  Game after game, gold after gold for weightlifting.  But this time, it turned  out to be a family affair with Dika’s younger sister, Konio, now on the spotlight.  Papua New Guineans were excited at the prospect that another Toua was on the rise and as long as the Toua name was represented, PNG would still continue to win gold.

3. Babaka Village – 35k

From patriotism to appreciation, this post took a different turn.  A lot of followers were  surprised at the beauty of a beach at “BBKings”.  Over 226 shares and a reach of 35,000 within that one week and still gaining more reach.


4. Annette Sete and her intellectual property case – 20k

Annette’s story hit the newsfeed and people didn’t hold back.  Their disgust at how local designs are being trampled on by foreign businesses infuriated many.  Within a day, Sete’s post notched 20k fans which pretty much indicated that many Papua New Guineans supported her lone and rare fight against the bigger companies in a novel copyright case.

5. Wavie Kendino appointment as director of MiBank – 20k

Promising lawyer Wavie Kendino of Dentons hit our headlines and the messages of appreciation just kept rolling in.  Many of our followers were delighted to hear the news of a young lawyer making inroads in what has typically been a male dominated role.  But Kendino proved to our followers that anything is possible and her appointment as a director of MiBank is undoubtedly an inspiration to many.  Likewise, MiBank was given a big thumbs up too for making the appointment and more importantly showing trust and confidence in a young professional Papua New Guinea women.

6. From Wakunai with a smile – 18k

They say a picture paints a thousand words and that is so true with this post.  This image by our friend the late Samson Akoitai certainly created a lot of smiles. At a time when Bougainville were voting on the referendum, the pic just simply reminded everyone that whatever the outcome, we hope their decision puts a smile on their and their children’s face going forward.

7.  Names of suburbs – 17k

This post went on to mentioned in the daily Post Courier.  It was so popular because of the fact that it surprised many on the traditional meanings on the names of suburbs.  Nothing like this ever appears in the history books which is sad but we were more than happy to provide a little bit of history and one that created buzz in the newsfeeds.


8. NID debacle 15k

At some point, you would have been wondering – was there any post that created reach for the wrong reasons?  Of course there was and it’s no surprise it had to be that dreaded three letters we know of as NID.

9. Irene Vanua and her cricket son – 15k

Perfect timing story when the PNG cricketers had just qualified into the World Cup T20 tournament in 202o down under.  Irene couldn’t hold off her emotions as she took her family and friends on a ride via her newsfeed on the performance of the “Barras” and in particular her son Norman. Norman didn’t disappoint his number one fan either with sensational performances all throughout the tournament which eventually landed him a spot in the team of the tournament alongside his skipper, the calm and collected Assad Vala.

10. The Victorious Kumuls – 10k

The most beloved sport in the country always has a place and it did in our listing by grabbing the final spot.  That match victory against the POMS certainly littered the newsfeeds and our posting had a fair share of the eyes on social media.