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The most economical way to purchase Digicel data plans

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Hisilicon Balong

Are you one of those high data users for personal, business or work?  Do you get frustrated when your data vanishes in a day or two despite purchasing a plan for a much longer period?

We know your frustration and we’ve done a little research to see how the Digicel data works out and how you can better decide which plans to purchase.

Digicel has recently changed its data plans for its prepaid customers.  The data bundles come in 1, 7 and 30.

There is a misconception that buying the bundle with the longer period will save you money or that the data will last much longer. The table below shows the bundle data, the days and the cost for each day per bundle category.  As you will see below, the rates are different.

 DataBundle   Days 
MB/GB               1            7             30
            60           3.00        6.00        10.00
 Rate         0.050      0.100        0.167
          150           6.00      10.00        20.00
 Rate         0.040      0.067        0.133
          375         12.00      20.00        35.00
 Rate         0.032      0.053        0.093
        1200         25.00      42.00        68.00
 Rate         0.021      0.035        0.057
        2500         40.00      65.00       110.00
 Rate         0.016      0.026        0.044
        6000         85.00    135.00       230.00
 Rate         0.014      0.023        0.038
      13000       160.00    275.00       450.00
 Rate         0.012      0.021        0.035


So how do you decide which is the cheapest and which one you should buy?

The key to making an economical decision is to know your usage rate per day, week or month. Obviously, you won’t have an exact number but you can get an idea of usage by monitoring how much you use per day or month.

Once you get a rough idea of how much you use, you can then see the bundles and find which one is the most economical for you.

Here’s an example.  Suppose you use on average 380MB per day.  The most economical purchase would be a 375MB bundle for 1 day which will cost you K12.  If you purchase a 7 day bundle and it lasts only one day, it cost you more of K20 at the rate of K0.053 compared to the 1 day plan which has a rate of K0.032.

Users tend to think that by purchasing the longer period, the data will remain for the 7 days which in most cases doesn’t last that long.  This makes it more expensive. So if you kept on buying the 7 day 375MB plan at K20, by the end of the week it would have cost you K140. But if you opted to purchase the 1 day plan every day for the next 7 days at K12 per day, you would end up spend K84 which is a saving K56.

The whole point of this is to know your usage and then match it with the bundle and day that’s being offered.  The above analysis is for the pre-paid plans and not postpaid.