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Thank you PNG & the many friends who stood up for me

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Dear all,

Over the last 48 hours, I have been very  humbled by the incredible support my family and I have received from people  both here and abroad.   Support also came from friends in the media,  academia, law enforcement, the military and many other circles too many to name.

I have since been reinstated to my job as Deputy Regional Head of News at EMTV

I wish to thank our media friends here and overseas, especially.  Thank you for your support and your words of encouragement.    Thank you to my immediate and extended  family and to  the strangers who offered support and words of encouragement in Port Moresby,  Lae and remote parts of PNG.

My news teams both in Port Moresby, Lae, Kokopo, Madang and Mt. Hagen  demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and maturity by remaining away from everything that has happened.  I am proud to lead this team of young journalists,  camera operators and support staff.

A great many thanks  also to management of EMTV and CEO for working through this very trying time despite the challenges and pressures. A very special thank you to Head of News, Neville Choi and the powerful, Sincha Dimara.  (I apologize if I missed out anyone.)

I was suspended on Sunday 18thNovember, on the last day of the APEC meetings.  The  reasons for the suspensions are now  public knowledge and  I do not wish to dwell too much on them.

However, I do wish to make the following points:

  1. Papua New Guinea is a democracy and the media is free to hold those in authority to account. This means highlighting flaws in policy and making sure mis

  2. takes are pointed out and corrected. It is an essential part of our democracy.

  3. There should NEVER be any interference at the operational level by board members. The media is an institution of democracy and must remain free and independent.  It is our constitutional right to report AND be critical.

  4. Journalists of “state owned” media are NOT government public relations officers nor are media organizations PR machines.

  5. EMTV is “State owned” which means the PEOPLE own this company through their elected government.

  6. Journalism is an art… and art and creativity cannot operate in an environment of suppression and fear.

Papua New Guinea is a critical moment of its history with the growth and influence of China, US-China trade tensions and  challenges within our own country.

We are a largely  rural nation. Many of our people  still have no access to basic services.

We will continue to promote critical,  proactive  and transparent journalism.  The people’s voice has to be heard and the media must remain as the conduit and platform for opinions and debate and those who cannot accept it MUST step aside and let progress happen.

-Scott Waide