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Papua New Guinea in Tweetisphere – who should you follow?

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Facebook is the most popular social media networking site in Papua New Guinea. Probably the ease of use, the significant number of friends, family, work colleagues and other wantoks using this media and the functionality of it makes it such a popular choice.  That said, there are a small number of Papua New Guineans who are devoted to using rival network – Twitter!

Twitter as far as our experience goes is more fast paced. Papua New Guineans using Twitter tend to tweet more about specific issues on politics, education and business.

Perhaps the limit of 140 characters is a discouragement to join for Papua New Guineans. There is less goss for sure and very little of those “fake” PNG accounts.

For PNG businesses, Twitter is quite a difficult medium to use considering the audience is not much local.  But for travel related businesses focusing on a world audience, it’s a fantastic marketing tool.

So who in Papua New Guinea should you follow if you decide to join Twitter?

Want to stay current in politics and up to date news? You should follow “pngpolitics” and PNG Latest News/Info.

Twitter account Deni Tokunai @tavurvur

For discussion of key issues in respect of politics, economy and other current issues currently hitting the headlines Deni ToKunai is the expert.  Despite the 140 character limit, Deni is quite informative and his personal insights are always an interesting read.  At times, Deni can give you news before it appears in the mainstream media.

Many of the big PNG businesses haven’t got the grasp of Twitter yet. If they have, they use it very little.  Perhaps it’s because of the low number of their target audience on Twitter, who knows. Business PNG is a good account to follow and since it’s the account for a business television program on local television station EMTV, you’re bound to get tweets on news that have or will appear on your television set in the evening.

When it comes to finance and general the banking industry in PNG, you must follow Tony Westaway, CEO of MiBank.  Tony with his experience and knowledge in the industry gives real time news on the latest happenings in the industry.  At times, he gives a personal insight on key issues and is responsive to questions posed to him about his tweets.  It’s good to engage with someone of his stature and he uses it well.  Best of all, he concentrates a large part of his tweets on microfinance, mobile money, community and financial literacy.  With the wealth of knowledge, Tony is good follow. Follow him!.

Papua New Guinea has a rich culture with many cultural festivities. This must be promoted to the world so that the world can truly see what this last frontier has to offer.  Twitter is an useful medium as most travelers use it extensively.  visitPNG keeps its followers entertained by posting the breathtaking pictures of nature. This account also shows its followers the cultural activities going on in any part of the country. PNGtourism account keeps its followers updated on the festivities and celebration to be held in the country. Many tour company accounts are also available on twitter like like PaivuToursRab, WalindiResort and TufiDive.

For educational tweets, Bernard Yegiora provides interesting insights to education. He is a lecturer in the field of International Relations at Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea and his tweets are diversified, interesting, good in taste and very informative. Keith Jackson AM and Martyn Namarong are worth follow. Martyn in particular is very entertaining and a straight shooter.  He has a very informative blog and his writing skills are top notch. Despite the 140 character limit on Twitter, he puts his message across succinctly.

And of course, you can always follow us at @skerah for travel and lifestyle related news, information and opportunities relevant to Papua New Guinea.

Happy tweeting!