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Fone Haus Free Giveaways

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Every major smartphone brand is going up a notch.  And so too the prices.  So it’s an exciting feeling when you get more value when purchasing a top quality smartphone.

Fone Haus, one of PNG’s favorite retailers for smartphones, are offering an amazing deal whereby a purchase of one of their six Samsung phones lands you a FREE Pulse 3 Bluetooth Speaker or JBL Clip 2 Speaker.  That’s an amazing offer considering the speaker itself is valued at just over K1,000. Talk about getting more bang for your bucks!

So which phones are eligible for this amazing offer?  Let’s take a look.

  1. Galaxy S9 | S9+

    This is the phone of the moment.  Priced at K3,599 for its S9 (64GB), another K500 will get you the S9+ for (64GB) and if you want the top of the range of this much wanted smartphone, you’re looking K4,699 for the S9 (256GB).  You’d be mad not to take the offer on the table.

  2. Galaxy S8 | S8+

    If you still want a top range smartphone but can’t stretch your wallet any further, then sticking to the S8 is not such a bad idea.  The S8 costs K3,199 and for an extra K300, you can score yourself the premium S8 version, the S8+.

  3. Galaxy Note 8

    What’s there to like about this phone? The large screen of course.  Those that like it big and in this case a full 6.3 inches, you’ll be left satisfied not just by the size but the quality of it.  K3,799 is the asking price.

  4. Galaxy J2 Pro

    It has all the main features for an online experience. At K599, you’d think there’s a typo or that Fone Haus has gone crazy. It’s no typo for sure and a purchase of one of these “must by” gadgets lands you a FREE Waterproof sports bag. Call them crazy, yes Fone Haus is getting just a little crazy on these deals, but hey, what’s there to loose? You’ve got everything to gain.

  5. Galaxy A8

    The 2018 version is rightly called the “pocket rocket”. Why? They’ve ditched the plastic and gone for a more metal design ensuring you get closer to the qualities of an S8 but at a more cheaper price. K1,988 is the price so rocket yourself to Fone Haus before the A8 vanish from the shelves.

  6. Galaxy J5 Pro

    At the bottom end of the price range without foregoing quality are these two beaut of a phone.  The Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro is powered by 1.6GHz octa-core processor and it comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone packs 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB via a microSD card.  Need we say more when the price at Fone Haus is K1,199?

  7. Galaxy J7 Pro

    It’s a little budget but the camera is at 13MP.  Nice selfie camera but there’s a lot more to it. Head to Fone Haus and have a touchy feel to it because when you do, you’ll know the price at K1,399 is a major deal.

You can visit the Fone Haus Facebook page for their deals by clicking here.