7 Interesting Statistics on Papua New Guinea Facebook Users

  • As you probably know, we do quite a bit of social media advertising for both ourselves and our clients and one of the key social media networks we use to advertise is Facebook.  As the most popular social media network in the world, it is also the most popular in PNG.

    We’ve been researching some key statistics on PNG FB users to get an idea of active users, their gender, age, relationships and so on.  The whole purpose of our research is to better understand the demography of those on Facebook and target our advertising to the right audience at the right time.  By doing so, we and our clients can be more effective in the reach and the engagement of our content.

    So we’ve done an infograph (see below) which happens to be the first and most certainly not the last we will do. It’s a more easier way to convey what we have found in our research.

    The total number of active monthly Facebook users in PNG is between 600,000-7000,000.  It’s roughly about 10% of the country’s population which is quite surprising (to us at least).  We actually thought the number would be less than that.

    Obviously, Facebook won’t give us an exact number of monthly active users because the number varies from month to month. So this is an average.  Facebook gets this number by counting how many Facebook users have “Papua New Guinea” in the country they live in on their user profile.

    Out of the monthly average users, approximately 64% of these users happen to be male and 36% female.  Does this surprise you?

    What doesn’t surprise us is that there are more 18-24 years olds (male and female) using Facebook than any other age group.

    And again it doesn’t surprise us that just under half (45%) of the monthly active users are single.

    When it came to job title of these users (which isn’t shown in the infograph below), we found the following statistics:

    45% Management
    32% Sales
    28% Production
    25% Administration
    21% Arts / Entertainment


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