Guests for 2018 APEC meeting to be accommodated on cruise ships

  • Last week, we saw the ground breaking ceremony for the APEC Haus – the main conference area for the 2018 APEC meeting.   And in a further build up to this all important meeting and possibly the biggest event since Papua New Guinea’s independence, it has been announced that leaders of countries attending the meeting in Port Moresby will be accommodated on three large cruise liners.

    It is not yet known specifically which cruise liners will be used for this rather unique initiative but the country’s daily paper, Post Courier,  has reported that the vessels will be moored at Ela Beach.

    The cruise liners will help supplement Port Moresby hotels in catering for the guests from the 21 countries who will be represented in this meeting.

    Port Moresby’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, Holiday Inn Port Moresby, Lamana Hotel, Airways Hotel and the recently opened Stanley Hotel will be the major accommodation venues on land and it is expected that a new Hilton Hotel on the Paga Hill Estate will also be completed by then to host gusts for the biggest meeting in the Pacific.

    The organisers of the meeting recently announced that this event has been budgeted for approximately K600 million and this latest shows why the meeting has been allocated such an extravagant amount.

    It is uncertain as to why the organisers have opted for the cruise liners but most likely PNG is out there to make an impression that it has the capability and creativity to host such an event.

    What is certain is that most of the venues seem to be focussed on Fairfax Harbour and Ela Beach of which both are iconic land marks and such a focus could create a positive profile from a tourism marketing point of view.

    Do you like the idea of the cruise liners? Give us your thoughts!





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