Naked Fish – Literally Naked At Present

  • It’s place that was the talk of town.

    Nice food, excellent atmosphere and wonderful views came the reviews.

    It’s been over a year since it opened doors to the entertaining demanding public in Port Moresby but a recent visit to the once popular joint reveals quite the opposite.

    This time it isn’t the bad food that’s the talk.  In actual fact, there’s no food at all.  No customers too and the popular buzz is no more.  The only thing that remains is the pleasant views of the Lake-Like Fairfax Harbour and the cool breeze that comes with it.

    What happened?

    There’s little information out there and there has been little information on it.  Some staff said one of the owners, quit.  We can’t confirm that but on the face of it, there’s a good chance that that might not be far off.

    What we’re certain though is that the popular eatery has closed doors for the last two or so months.  Perhaps it’s for renovation purposes but one would think that if that were so, the place would be abuzz not with loud music like it did before, but the noise of drills, hammer and the like.

    It’s a sad sight to see this joint the way it currently is because it brought so much promise with it. A promise that consumers would enjoy a pleasant evening surrounded by fantastic atmosphere, good drinks and mouthwatering food.

    Interestingly, one of the upcoming events on their Facebook Page is their Friday Event – as seen below.  It seems that the Facebook Page also went “naked” on the day it closed doors and that page has not been updated as well.  There is no public announcement of it too.

    We hope we get more information on its current status from management and hopefully they can come back with a huge bang.

    Here are some photos of Naked Fish, in quite a naked state.






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